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Healthy Lifestyle ~   Optimal Health and Wellness

Women & Females, Fat Loss, Metabolism, Hormones, Behavior Change  


Your all-in-one custom coaching solution to reaching your goals and becoming your BEST self.  From making the right health, wellness, nutrition and fitness choices, optimizing your mindset, and creating sustainable lifestyle changes.

Find a way that works for YOU, learn how to be a detective not a dieter

Coaching you through it all, including:

- completion of paperwork to assess your starting point, lifestyle, diet, fitness

- initial face-to-face or phone consultation

- guidelines, protocol, strategies, ongoing education
- weekly email check ins which you are responsible for providing an update including progress, results or changes, wins, challenges, and anything else you can think of (providing this information is critical so I can then coach you appropriately)
- face-to-face or phone coaching check in every 2-4 weeks, 1-2/month
- occasional mobile messages to touch base, check in, and keep you accountable to your actions

- adjustments as necessary according to progress, feedback and check-ins
- text message contact with me as needed for updates, questions, sharing progress etc

- access private group support page

We will address not only your diet and exercise/activity, but your lifestyle, behaviors, mindset, factors related to hormones and metabolism, gut health and digestion, sleep, stress, and environmental and outside factors.

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