A Balanced Life   Is Yours

Mindset, Lifestyle, and Body Transformation Coaching

Your solution to reaching your goals and becoming your BEST self.  From making the right health, wellness, nutrition and fitness choices, optimizing your mindset, and creating sustainable lifestyle changes.

Struggling to make a change? Frustrated with plateaus?  Going through a sticking point in your life?  Looking for a change? 


Rachel's Fusion Coaching will help you address your life including fitness, nutrition, health & wellness, and lifestyle by connect the dots between them and your mindset and behaviors.  In turn you'll be able to create a way of living, enjoying your life, and getting sustainable results without going to extremes, dieting or counting calories or macros.  

Find the way that works for YOU, learn how to be a detective in your life and become empowered to live your best life, achieve your goals, and cultivate a sustainable lifestyle you enjoy.

We'll coach you through it all.

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