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"I would recommend someone to metabolic training with Rachel because she has the tools to lead a committed client to implementing lifestyle changes reflecting their understanding the balance of nutrition and exercise. Rachel provides on going support and accountability, educating, suggesting, prodding, modifying, congratulating. Bodies change under Rachel’s supervision."

—  Fusion Fit Training Member

Healthy Lifestyle
Optimal Wellness
Fat Loss & Body Change

Influencer of Healthy Living, Optimal Wellness, Successful Body Change & Transformation and Positive Vibes

"Inspiring and empowering success and sustainable results, helping you cultivate a healthy lifestyle, mindset, and relationship with food, exercise and body through education, ownership and awareness."

"The No Excuses, Anywhere Approach"

Your new life begins here! Rachel's Fusion Coaching is here to provide you with the support and tools you need in order to bring change, optimize your health and wellbeing, reach your goals, and achieve sustainable and successful lifestyle change.

Rachel's Fusion Coaching is here to help you on your journey.

Through expert tools, education and proactive coaching, you’ll be empowered on your journey in a way you never thought possible.

Reach out today to find the results you’ve been seeking once and for all.

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Nutrition, Fitness, Health and Wellness, Behavior Change, Fat Loss and Body Change Transformation

Roasted Carrots

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5 Weeks to Reset Your Metabolism

Hormone Reset

Transformation Challenges

Young Joggers

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Fusion Retreats

Yoga with a View

Fusion Fit Gym

The Lowcountry's Small Group Training

Metabolic Training

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Ready Set Go


Behavior Change


Mindset, or your perspective, influences your choices, consistency, and success on your journey.  

Hormonal Fat Loss

Gut Health


Properly functioning hormones and a healthy gut allow optimal health, fat loss and body change. 

Muscular Imbalances Posture|Pain/Injury

Corrective Exercise

When the body is functioning properly you're more apt to  be active, remain consistent, and stay free of pain and injury.

Whether you’re looking to make a big life change, or say goodbye to the final pounds, look no further.  Complete the form below. 

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