An all-inclusive coaching platform complete  with educational courses, tools, accountability and everything else needed  to reach your goals in 2020 and beyond!


The Fusion Exclusive Coaching Membership with Lifestyle Masterclass

Find the way that works for YOU, learn how to be a detective in your life and become empowered to live your best life, achieve your goals, and cultivate a sustainable lifestyle you enjoy.

We'll coach you through it all.

This is your solution to reaching your goals and becoming your BEST self.  From making the right health, wellness, nutrition and fitness choices, optimizing your mindset, and creating sustainable lifestyle changes.

Learn the ins and outs of nutrition, metabolism, hormones and fat loss; how your body works and how to find a way of eating, training and living that works for you, gets you results, and is sustainable.

Working with you to connect the dots beyond fitness, training and nutrition to reach your goals, feel your best, and cultivate a sustainable and optimal lifestyle.

Are you:

Doing everything right, but not seeing the results you want?

Struggling to make a change?

Frustrated with plateaus?

Going through a sticking point in your life? 

Used to dieting and going on and off plans?

Wondering why what you were doing isn't working the way it used to?

Tired of trying endless ways that work for everyone else except you?


Rachel's Fusion Coaching will help you address your entire life from fitness, nutrition, health and wellness, to mindset, lifestyle, behaviors and everything else in between.  In turn you'll be able to create a way of living, enjoying your life, and getting sustainable results without going to extremes, dieting or being tied to counting calories or macros.  

What you can expect:

- all the tools necessary for understanding and taking action toward your goals

- empowering coaching sessions

- educational courses and materials that are applicable to your life and personal preferences and goals

- ongoing support and accountability

What's Included in your Fusion Membership:

- Masterclasses: Metabolism School, Complete Nutrition, Primed and Ready, Create My Own Plan, Understanding Hormones

- Guidelines and frameworks you can begin practicing immediately

- Group Coaching calls on key topics and concepts

- Select one on one coaching sessions*

- Recipes, meals, workouts, exercises

- Guest expert sessions

- Specialty protocols and ebooks*


How do I lose weight and diet without you giving me a diet or meal plan?
It’s super simple! You’ll get a framework of nutrition and lifestyle guidelines to put into practice. You’ll learn the ins and outs of metabolism and how your body works empowering you to do what’s right for you. Then once you start implementing the framework and what you learn you’ll practice awareness of your own personal needs and learn how to adjust and navigate the way based on that feedback!

How long will this take me?
We are each unique individuals. From the way we look down to our genes and unique microbiology, metabolic responses and more. Therefore, your journey to reaching your goal will likely take a different length than the next person. Even if you do the exact same thing. With this said, when you commit and are consistent with your path, your body within will begin to make changes and improve almost immediately! Typically, visual results may be seen anywhere from weeks to months.


Why metabolism?
Metabolism is all the processes your body goes through to function. How it uses energy and how it goes about its needs daily. Dieting and weight loss approaches all to commonly fight against your metabolism and therefore it’s normal healthy functions. Understanding and working WITH your metabolism instead of fighting against it means your body will be happy and when it’s holy it’s more likely to lead you toward your goals rather than against them.

What are some benefits to your program?
You get all the tools, education and materials needed to succeed right at your fingertips. The Masterclass school courses aren’t laid out so that you don’t become overwhelmed and end up falling off the wagon. Plus, you’ll have your coach right alongside you walking with you along your journey. They’re there to help you navigate everything, add to your understanding, support you, emphasize your wins, and point out sticking points that your otherwise miss from your own perspective and bias.

What if I don’t get results?
We guarantee results in knowledge, understanding, internal wins, and external progress if you commit, are consistent, honest and stick things out. If you’ve put in 100% effort and work into applying and implementing what you learn with Fusion Online/Fit and do not feel you’ve gotten the results desired let us know and we’ll work to make it right. Having realistic expectations and goals with timelines is necessary as well.


What can I expect immediately? And in the long run?
Immediately you’ll feel welcomed and motivated to jump on board with us! Sure you may be a little tired and there’s going to be a learning curve when you first get started. The biggest changes at the start of our program will be within - on a cellular level and inside of you.
Continued consistent work will in turn yield greater changes that expand beyond with including physical and visual changes, mindset and behaviors that impact your entire lifestyle and wellbeing!

How do I know I’m getting somewhere if I’m not counting calories or constantly losing weight especially in the beginning?
We stress being present and mindfulness. Change and results take time and patience and they often don’t happen how and when we want and expect them to. Non scale victories are HUGE! We also don’t stress the number on the scale at least not without it being in conjunction with circumferences, body composition/fat testing, and visuals such as pictures, the mirror, and how your clothes fit. These other wins members find turn out to be l greater wins than just seeing the number on the scale slide downward.

Only 45 minute workouts? Seems kinda short. How’s that possible for me to get results?
Consistency. Addressing how you live your life outside the gym. Spending hours in the gym is going to set you and your metabolism up to work against you. Hormones will become imbalanced and when that happens the becomes stressed, retaliates and holds onto fat.  You'll feel like you're going in circles even though you're working oh so hard in the gym.  Additionally, the gym is just ONE single means of reaching your goals.  Over 85% of your results will be determined by what you do OUTSIDE of the gym, meaning your nutrition, your lifestyle, your environment and social interactions, and your mindset.  Luckily, at Fusion Fit, we want to help you optimize what happens outside of the gym just as much as during your workouts!  Check out Fusion Coaching for more on this!

Won’t I get bulky doing strength and weight training?
No! You get bulky or gain weight if you are eating in a calorie surplus. NOT by lifting weights. If you wanted to gain loads of mass you’d have to also eat a lot more, which is not what we’re directing you to do (unless in fact you are indeed in a building phase).

I’m so used to doing cardio to lose weight, I thought this is how I lose weight? How am I supposed to do that without cardio?

Here's the thing, cardio will burn calories DURING your workout, but lifting weights will boost your metabolism and calorie burn not only during, but after your workouts and even on off training days.  Additionally, you can't only focus on burning calories.  You need to focus on hormones and balance.  If you don't want your body to fight back and lead to plateaus or lack of results, start lifting and keep your metabolism humming.

Why we ask you to commit for 9-12 months or longer?

Most people dip out too soon before they see results.  If they only hung in there a bit longer to find exactly what works for them rather than just jumping ship and quitting or going to something completely different they'd get there much sooner! Real change and lasting habit and behavior change takes time, patience, consistency, work, and awareness.  A lifestyle isn’t a short term thing.  Because old habits, thoughts, beliefs and behaviors die hard plan to spend a good amount of time working on your journey before giving it the boot

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