2020. The Year to Hire an Online Coach.

According to research, we are 65% more likely to meet a goal if we commit to another person, and that rate rises to 95% when regular check-ins come with that commitment.

Coaches support their clients with their goals and lifestyle. They fill the gap between what the healthcare industry provides and what people truly need. Even though there’s a very strong connection between diet and fitness and one’s health and wellness, physicians have limited time with their patients, and many medical professionals do not have adequate education outside their specialty in these key areas. In these situations, a coach can step in and help you in various areas of your life from health and wellness, diet and fitness goals, career and productivity, and relationships with yourself and others.

Our lifestyle choices play a huge role in our success and wellbeing, but many of us are either undereducated, overwhelmed, or lacking in some area that’s keeping us from getting where we want to go. If you want to better your life, aren’t sure where to start or feel overwhelmed by the steps to get there, it’s time to hire a coach to walk with you along the way. They’ll provide you with the guidance you so very much need.

If you still need more reasons why it’s time to hire a coach, here they are:

· Mindfulness and Awareness

· Customize to you

· Emotional support

· Accountability and Motivation

· Help you get clear and focused

· Identify what you are missing, a new perspective

· Honesty

· Speed results, because you’re on track and taking action

· Emphasize strengths and Work on your weaknesses

· Tools and skills to develop ownership, independence, and empowerment – a coach models behaviors and mindsets for success. They are leaders who strive to model and emulate good practices leading you to adopt skills and practices yourself.

· Resilience

· Clarity and understanding

· Navigate uncomfortable feelings and situations and face fears for growth

· Means of communication and connection

· Confidence

· Energy and Excitement

· Deeper understanding of yourself and inner patterns and mindsets and to overcome inner sabotage

· Proven strategies to overcome obstacles

· Non-judgmental person to share inner thoughts and feelings

Starting in January, Rachel’s Fusion Coaching will be relaunching their Coaching and will include brand new values and perks to anyone. Some of these added values include group coaching sessions, individual coaching sessions, a complete online educational school platform, easily accessible useful tools, and community support.

Presale for the Fusion Coaching Online Membership with Mastercourse is going on now through the first week of January. Sign up ahead of time and save your spot!

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