25 Ways to Cultivate a Mindset Geared for Action, Results and Sustainability

A HUGE part of whether you will embark on a healthy lifestyle and continue with it long term lies in our mindset. That is, the things we think about, what we believe, our expectations and fears, how we feel about ourselves, and our confidence that we can achieve what we set out for.

If you ask me your mind is the FIRST place to start in your journey. It’s one of the 4Ms. Without addressing what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ you’ll hit roadblocks and fall off the wagon over and over again becoming frustrated and doubtful.

So, how do you work on your mindset so that you feel good, reach your goals, and grow through your journey?

Here’s a list I’ve put together to get you started:

Get honest and uncomfortable with yourself. - Visually, take a look at yourself in the mirror, identify and acknowledge where you are presently as vulnerable, difficult or frustrating as it may feel. Knowing where you are now and being realistic about it helps you have a clear idea of where you’re going and understand that it’s going to take time and work to get there. Also, check in with your thoughts and beliefs.

Whats your purpose? - Take some time to write out what you want, and what your goals and visions are. This includes what you’re passionate about and curious about, and your dreams.

Create a clear vision - how do you want to feel when you reach a goal, what you want to be like? Try to explain in writing how you’ll act, live, think, feel, and do once you’ve achieved a goal. This can change along the way, but it gives a sense of focus.

Seek out a coach or mentor for ongoing guidance. Even the best coaches have coaches, mentors, and people to look up to for guidance and support.

Make SMART goals.

Identify your WHY.

Create an actionable plan. Start small; with a morning routine

Set boundaries and non negotiables.

Plan for obstacles and setbacks. - understand that you WILL hit obstacles and encounter setbacks along the way. Plan ahead for them as best as possible, but sometimes they will still pop up. This is where calling upon on your knowledge and experience and trusting yourself in that moment come in - Improv as its finest - which is a developed practice. When you do experience an situation do your best during, check in to assess how things went after, and take mental notes for next time.

Make and learn from mistakes. Look less at mishaps and slip ups as failures and more as experiences to learn and grow from.

Identify and build your inner circle; your tribe. - These people who build you up, and help keep you focused and motivated. Surround yourself with success, positivity, and those who are already doing what you want to do.

Be open to change

Embrace uncertainty

Optimize your environment

Catch and slash negative self-talk and self-limiting beliefs.

Cultivate a positive mindset, mental attitude. - jot down mantras, positive words and phrases. Keep them in eye sight whether that’s at home (on the fridge, wall, noteboard) or in your purse, wallet, car dash, etc.

Be intuitive. Practice being present in the now. Mindfulness.

Adopt an abundance mindset

Believe in yourself

Love yourself

Self-efficacy - your own belief in yourself. Take little leaps along the way that you can reach but are slightly challenging. It’s the little things that add up to bigger ones and these build self-confidence and empowerment.

Be a lifelong learner. - seek to always be learning and growing. Be a detective not a dieter, strive to understand that your body is going to be changing throughout life, this means your approaches will have to mold and adapt along the way too.

Strive for balance not perfection

Value health and wellness

Avoid stagnation and inertia. Jump in before your fully ready. Say "YES!", then figure it out.

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