An Online Coach becoming more common than a Personal Trainer

In reality, most clients need two things:

1) To be pushed outside their comfort zones

2) Help maintaining consistency with their behaviors and habits.

That’s why having an Online Coach is becoming more common than a Personal Trainer. There’s high value to having an Online coach.

The online platform isn’t dying out anytime soon. If anything, it’s continuing to grow and expand at rapid rates. It’s no wonder why! With all the information available to us at a finger’s reach, why not use the online space to better yourself too! 2020 is just around the corner, which means many of us are going to be seeking betterment and ways to reach our goals. Well, if that’s you, then you’re going to want to head online for help and guidance on that. Online Coaching is expected to grow significantly, and that’s great news for you!

Want more reasons why and online coaching platform is ideal for you? Check out these reasons:

· Convenience – busyness is the most common reason routines and plans get disrupted. Between travel, hectic schedules, and last minute obligations, it’s become far too easy to hop out of your planned workout.

· 24/7 access

· Tools right at your fingertips

· Community support

· Accountability and Motivation – especially outside of the gym and time face to face with your trainer

· Affordable – in-person sessions get pricey, and the more personal and custom you go, the more costs go up. Compare close to $1000/month for 1-1 personal training to under a few hundred dollars for an Online Coach

· Flexibility and Freedom

· Communication and ease of contacting your coach

· Various means of communicating and receiving content and coaching – video, text, voice, etc

· More interaction and time with your coach than if you did in-person coaching or training

· Anonymity

· Privacy and comforts of your home or desired space

Beginning in January, Rachel’s Fusion Coaching will be relaunching their Coaching and will include brand new values and perks to anyone. Some of these added values include group coaching sessions, individual coaching sessions, a complete online educational school platform, easily accessible useful tools, and community support.

Presale for the Fusion Coaching Online Membership with Mastercourse is going on now through the first week of January. Sign up ahead of time and save your spot!

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