Back to Basics with Hormonal Fat Loss (are we looking in the right way?)

Hormones, we hear about them pretty often nowadays don’t we?

The Thyroid, Adrenals, and Reproductive Systems.

Balancing your hormones IS key to sustainable fat loss, body change and optimal health. They influence how the rest of the body functions and communicates.

If you’re experiencing any signs and symptoms that aren’t normal or find your feedback measures are out of check, then your hormones are likely off as well.

Hormones and calorie balance is like the filling and crust of a pie. You probably don’t want one without the other. And one needs the other to do it’s job fully and have an amazingly delicious product. We can’t only focus on one or the other.

The good thing is that in order to balance hormones out and manage your calories, you don’t need to go get fancy tests and blood work, and you probably don’t need a prescription medication for some serious disease or illness because you don’t have any serious issue.

You probably have dysfunction - functioning sub-optimally.

Many women hear about the Thyroid, Adrenal Fatigue, and how the Reproductive systems can keep them from getting results. They head to the doctor, tell them their symptoms, get some blood tests (hoping that if results are off and they need a prescription their problems will be solved).

::fat loss in a snap!::


But, when things come back normal it can be even MORE frustrating and confusing, and doctors are great at diagnosing but not necessarily if there’s nothing to diagnose.

We’re looking at things the wrong way. 😱

You can’t look at blood work when you’re simply not feeling normal or your best! Labs tell you whether you have a diagnosable disease or illness.

They do NOT tell you whether the body is in dysfunction or if it’s working sub-optimally. They don’t tell you what your normal is or that you’re out of normal (an individual’s normal varies person to person).

You can’t jump into blaming your thyroid, adrenals, or reproductive systems and their hormones if you’re not addressing the other master systems first.

I’m talking about the Brain, the Gut, your Mindset, and your Food and Eating.

You must address, balance and optimize these master centers that are in control of your metabolism, hormones, and health.

The Big Players will yield you Big Wins compared to the Small Influencers (I.e. thyroid, adrenals, reproductive sys).

Here are two Big Players and their hormones that you should be prioritizing:

1) The Gut - what you eat, how much, when, and in what combination.

> The food you eat sends signals to the brain and throughout the body.

> Check your HEC - hunger energy and cravings - which correlates to your blood sugar and the hormones insulin and glycogen. If you’ve ever eaten something carb-rich or sweet, then felt groggy or tired soon after you understand how blood sugar and insulin affect us.

> Instead, eat mostly protein-rich foods and plants rich in fiber water and nutrients.

> Sprinkle in some good fats for flavor, and round it out your starchy (whole food) starches depending on how your preferences and goals.

> Avoid sugar, sweets, and carb rich foods and those with salt and fat added too as these foods will throw your blood sugar and hormones off kilter leaving you feeling like crap.

> Eat often enough that you aren’t either too full nor ravenous and stop before you’re full (also known as Hará Hatchi Bu or eating until 80%).

2) the Brain - talking about mindset and lifestyle.

> Check you sleep, stress, mood, and cravings for brain and body (muscle, blood, tissue) function.

> Simply getting these in check will help you move your metabolism and hormones in a positive direction.

> Aim for 7-8 hours of QUALITY sleep.

> Manage stress and obligations through keeping an agenda, planning, and setting a routine.

> Include movement, relaxing and enjoyable activities and time for recovery into each day.

> Consider an HRV tracking system to identify your sleep quality and recovery level.

> Practice gratitude, cultivate/strive for a positive outlook on life, and include positive social time.

> Optimize your environment - the places, things, and people in it.

By balancing out these master centers, you can make better choices because your SHMEC will be in check and keeping your SHMEC in check will optimize your hormones and metabolism.

Both systems act on each other and the rest of the body which means they will influence each other.


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