Experiencing burnout from even our favorite things.

Yes, we can experience burnout from even our favorite things and things we love.

In fact, too much, too often, too excessive of time doing what we love and around our passions is exactly what leads to burnout, boredom, and problems.

Yep, even the people we love, our families, friends. Hobbies, interests. Our jobs and career.

If you’ve ever experienced burnout in a sport, or in your career, you know what I’m talking about. And, this is just as real of a thing with the people we spend time around.

Let me use sports for an example here. You pursue a competitive sport. I’ll use gymnastics, but choose whatever your favorite sport, activity, or hobby is.

You may jump into your sport with enthusiasm and passion. Showing up on time, excited, focused and giving your attention. You don’t miss a practice. You improve and things really start taking off, you’re pumped, which in turn makes you want to keep going and push harder and farther. Maybe you show up to more practices.

The more serious and competitive you become, we often believe this equates to more time, more commitment, for effort, more something.

This may work for a while, but fast forward, and what happens when you push push and push?

Well eventually, you’re improvements will taper off, as our experience grows, as we become more comfortable and relaxed and master our sport.

Nothing absolutely wrong with this. It happens. Now, for some understanding this and being realistic is easier. They recognize that hey you can’t always be going hard, better and faster to get stronger And maintain.

But for others, they may see this plateau or steadiness as a negative thing. They believe they have to push harder, show up more, put more effort in. So they go go go. Until, well, things break. Our bodies can sustain only so much and without ample rest and time between they can’t recover, they can’t grow, they can’t perform.

Stress fractures, injuries, chronic fatigue. Or they begin gaining weight, losing muscle and strength, metabolic rate drops and hormones become out of balance.

Yes, this DOES happen when we push and never rest, never give space, never give time. When we’re impatient. When we’re in a hurry.

We’re forced to take a break, and maybe even worse, we’ve damaged ourselves so much that even with time off our bodies won’t repair, forcing us to retire or quit.

Scary yes?

Well, what if I told you fat loss and body change works the SAME way?

What if I told you that relationships (yes, family, friendships, and romantic ones alike) ALSO work the same way?

Well, you better believe it because it IS exactly how the metabolism and fat loss works, how our jobs work, and how our relationships work.

Take home message here? 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

For everything you put effort and work into, you also need time away, a break, rest and space from.

This is all about Rest-based living, rest-based Training, and all about living a balanced life that includes your own personal time and having more than one single interest.

If you don’t cultivate and practice balance in your life this way you’ll end up broken, injured, in arguments, tension, struggling.

This is why extremes don’t work. This is why we need space and time away, alone.

YES, even when we think we don’t.

Sure, we can convince our minds and bodies to push hard, but yet, there IS still a point where too much is well too much. And you have to figure this out and honor it.

I’ve seen a lot of this in relationships lately. Given the pandemic, we’re spending even more time with certain people, loved ones, and because there’s a lack of time apart we end up tense, stressed, arguing and maybe splitting up, be it short term or for good.

I’ve seen this when trying to lose weight. Dieting and cutting calories, exercising. Seeing some results, then picking up the pace and volume thinking more is better (reality check = more is NOT better, BETTER and SMARTER IS BETTER).

I’ve seen this in gymnastics and sports. Improving performance and times, turns into showing up more, wanting another challenge, but not giving ourselves time away.

In EACH of these scenarios when we give ourselves a break and time away, I’ve also seen amazing things happen.

Losing MORE weight effortlessly.

Strong bonds with loved ones.

Performance skyrockets with less total time.

Wherever you are, there IS a solution. It’s time to figure it out for your own good.

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