I caved...

Ok, I caved. But not in the way you may think. I caved by stepping on this bodytrax. See I haven’t hopped on the scale in, well I don’t know how long honestly, and I want to share with you why.

In my teens and twenties I had some experiences where a healthy drive and motivation turned into obsession. That obsession lasted for a period of time before I fell off track because either I didn’t know how to find a balance or my body hit a wall and said screw you (via metabolic and hormonal issues).

I once used to weigh myself ever day. It was actually done so routinely and ritualistically I could probably do it in my sleep. I’d let that number dictate how my day would go, what I’d do or not do, how I felt and my mood. For a while it wasn’t an issue, but when I hit a point along my healthy journey where I was happy, I realized I didn’t know how to maintain...I was scared shirtless. Scared I’d lose all I’d worked for, so I clung on tighter.

What this did in turn was create stress, overcontrol, and overthinking.

Along with that came being distracted and losing touch with listening to my body, paying attention to its signs and needs, and most important honoring it.

My anxiety would skyrocket just thinking about what that number would say, and how I’d perceive it and allow it to influence my mind, actions and entire day.

Therefore, I’ve stayed off the scale for years. All the while, I’ve been working hard on taking action and doing the work, being consistent in my training, and being kind with myself in my eating.

So, today while at a local Open House after a fellow friend hopped on the BodyTrax I got the guts to follow. Ive come a LONG LOOOOONG way mentally and physically on my journey. Progress in my aesthetic pursuits, confidence and growth mentally and emotionally. I do absolutely still have my ups and downs, I just don’t hang out on the downs for so long. I’m in charge (different than controlling) and aware, curious and excited.

I have to say, the results I saw today (shown here) are huge, and impressive.

Here’s the kicker...


• count calories or macros

• meal prep or follow a certain diet

• measure or weigh

• call any food off limits or label it good or back

• train like I used to (doing hours of cardio, nor hours in the gym)


I can help you do the same thing in your way on your personal path. 🙂

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