Journey to a Full Night’s Sleep

My journey to a full night’s sleep

What’s helped me improve my sleep lately?

I went through a terrible phase recently where I could not sleep.

Maybe I’d fall sleep, only to wake up between 12:30 and 3 and be restless.

It was driving me nuts, adding to my anxiety, throwing off my days and ability to focus for work and have rational communication with friends and loved ones. My Oura ring showed, with consistent days in the red, telling me to prioritize rest and sleep. My thought - ‘I’m trying!’ 😭😭😭

It’s not that I don’t want to sleep.

It’s that I’d either be tired and wired, physically restless, wake up in a cold sweat, wake up with anxious thoughts, simply be wide awake, or be woken due to my pets staring me down for attention middle of the night.

This hasn’t happened in years, but I was determined to do something about it pronto. So I started observing what was going on to pinpoint potential causes of my sleeplessness and then find solutions to it.

What I’ve become aware of is some of the following were off:

- anxious thoughts over things that were out of my control or plain ol’ irrational

- Some of those thoughts were over communication I wanted to have with others but couldn’t at that instant which made me irritated and restless

- It gets worse with my cycle, the 1-2 weeks leading up to menses are hardest

- My stress - amongst work and business was high. I’m very hard on myself and put a lot of pressure on myself

- My daytime and evening habits were directing me away from a healthy sleep routine and rest, staying up watching tv or staying out late, thinking I could rest the next day during my off hours which wouldn’t happen how I intended. - Though I was eating well much of the time, I also was eating like crap a large other chunk of it

What these observations have led me to is identifying the following were off:

• my hormones are imbalanced, including: • Low progesterone, estrogen dominance, explains why I was getting severe almost uncontrollable depressive and anxious thoughts and highly emotional with breakdowns too

• adrenals were being taxed out of chronic self-imposed stress and perceived stressors, so my cortisol curve was way off balance, making me alert when I needed rest and conked out when it was time to be up and at em’

• my mindset was in a negative spiral

So what have I done that’s helped?

• Journaling and listing all my worries, including thoughts and things I wanted to speak out about but wasn’t able to in the immediate time

• also noting what I’m grateful for

• having conversations with people I have been avoiding or was just unable to before • Allowing myself to accept and go through my emotions and feelings

• Shifting my perspective and mindset so that it was less anxiety directed

• Taking supplements I’d stopped about 5 weeks prior out of experimenting including: vitamin D and B, omegas, iron

• supplements: tart cherry juice, Onnit’s new mood, Amazing Grass sleep elixir, Kat’s Naturals CBD, calming and relaxing teas

• DIM to clear estrogen and balance my progesterone - wow this has helped!

• wearing and eye mask to sleep, light of any sort had been waking me up

• shifting my kitten’s eating and activity schedule, she now doesn’t wake me up!

• Ordering blue light blocking glasses and using them not only in evening but when I’m at my computer for stretches of time during my day - no headaches or blurry vision

I’m continuing to observe and adjust.

Knowing how hormones affect you and your mind and body does wonders in empowering you to take charge of your life. An area where I’ve studied and specialized in based on biofeedback and awareness.

Are you struggling with sleep, anxiety, mood changes, not feeling yourself?

It could be due to your hormones, stress, lifestyle or a combination of these. There are ways to identify the root cause and get to the bottom of why you’re struggling then steps to take to improve. Because FYI taking sleep medications don’t get to the real problem just like jumping right into medication doesn’t solve problems.

Take a lifestyle approach first and foremost.

I’m ready to help you on this process so you can feel and live better. Let me know what you’re struggling with and let’s get to work doing something about it!

Disclaimer: there are certain severe conditions that require medical care and treatment. I am in no way diagnosing or prescribing anything. Consult with a doctor if necessary.

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