So How Do You Eat? (Finding what works for me)

So how do I eat?

Well, let me start by saying my diet and approach has been being developed for years now. I’m currently in what I would say a maintenance and fine tuning phase.

I don’t do rules. I don’t do diets. I most definitely don’t do meal plans. I don’t do the calorie or macro counting thing either.

That brings me anxiety, cause even if you don’t want it to, labeling how you eat, or what you do or don’t eat, brings a halo of restriction and limitation.

That’s half of where my anxiety would come from, then I’d become distracted and unable to make rational decisions which would push me into overdoing it which would in turn also bring anxiety. So no thanks I’ll pass all that.

Now I DO have a background in nutrition. This means I know calories, macros. And I can most definitely tell you the calories in probably majority of foods based on their size and what’s in front of me. Nutrients like vitamins and minerals I’m aware of as well. So I got that covered, however I don’t go around or plan or think what to eat with these things in the forefront of my mind and intentions.

I also know the psychology around food and eating. Why we eat. The hormone and metabolism implications. How our sleep, stress, workouts, lifestyle all affect our need for food and our hunger cravings and energy. There’s emotions. There’s the gut. There’s habits and beliefs that lead us to eating one way or another. These factors influence what we choose along with how much, how often etc. So they awareness is there too.

So how exactly DO I eat then?

I can start by summing it up as I’ve developed a lifestyle out of applying BOTH the Science (above, ie basic nutrition and advanced) with the Mindset/Lifestyle (also above, ie mindfulness and intuition, feedback etc).

I listen to my body, while also being aware of what much research says, but also factoring in what I’ve learned about MY BODY and how it specifically works to customize it all.

If I had to get more specific, I can tell you some of the things I’m about to share below...

Before I do, I’ll add this though.. These are still not my hard and fast rules. I don’t follow these year round. I may cycle them in and out based on time of year, my needs, my results/progress, how I feel etc. I’ve become more ‘lax’ in the sense that I don’t obsess over the details. I do look at overall patterns and habits over periods of time - as days, weeks, months - and adapt and shift from there.

How do I eat?

I strive to:

• I think produce, veggies, and proteinI • I allow the rest to fill itself in, including flavor, fat, starches, etc

• I eat when I’m hungry

• I’m conscious of my choices, even if I know they’re lower nutrient value

• I allow myself to splurge on less nutrient rich foods.

• I cook as much if not less than I eat out.

• I enjoy getting ideas from meal plans, recipes, dishes I have or see when out etc.

• I can intermittently fast I can eat something first thing in the am too (both in cycles)

• I differentiate between hunger and needing sleep or rest around fatigue low energy

• As for cravings, sure I have them. Around that time of the month especially, I still aim to keep the same focal point (protein produce ...) but I do def have more chocolate or starch.

• I actually let myself go through phases where I have something I’m enjoying in my diet on the reg (lower nutrient foods) and in time I get bored and move on. • If I feel myself slipping more than I like and I see it in my results I simply start cutting back - how much, how often - and clean up the quality of my foods.

How do you eat?

Have you found a way that works for you?

That is a lifestyle and that keeps you balanced, allows you to look and feel your best, and that you can practice wherever you are whenever because it is fit for you? Do you want to find that way that works for you?

If so, that’s what I’m here for! To guide you to finding what works for you! Reach out to find out which option is personally best for you. :-)



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