‘Temptation’ never felt as so good

Who is avoiding these since it’s the New Year and you have a diet or weight loss goal?

Does looking at any of these goodies make you want to get some or tempt you to order even though it’s not in your ‘plans’.

I was at the store today and found myself staring at this dessert area. At first, I admit I wandered over to grab something ‘sweet’, but once I got there and started looking I found I didn’t see anything that truly sparked my interest.

After pausing for another moment, I also took notice that I didn’t feel compelled to eat just anything and I also didn’t feel restricted because I ‘couldn’t’ eat these

I don’t label foods as good or bad.

I don’t label myself as good or bad based on what food I eat.

If I want to eat something I will.

If I want just part of something, or a only bite, I will have just this.

I strive to listen to my body, and my mind and feelings.

Lately, I’ve found myself making more choices like above. Pausing, thinking, checking in with myself, and making choices because I WANT to make and not out of guilt or temptation.

The difference between a dieter and a detective is in the mindset and behaviors.

A dieter could have easily been in this same scenario and either given in and labeled themselves as ‘being bad’ feeling guilty and then falling off track, or resisted and accompanying fear of missing out (FOMO).

The detective observes what’s available, checks in with themselves, doesn’t hold any labels or judgement, and therefore is able to make a decision that they own and desire.

By letting go of the “diet” mentality you become more:






Whatever you choose is fully YOURS and you’re able to learn from your choices. When you learn and listen and pay attention you can then make more informed choices in the future.

I knew and reminded myself when I looked at the treats at the store was that I was going to eventually eat some sort of dessert again in my life. I didn’t know when. I didn’t know what. I didn’t try to convince myself to forever forgo tummy goodies like these.

And THIS is what is so empowering, your life is in your hands, and the more you enjoy it, embrace it, and are present with it, you can hear what it’s saying and apply what is in your best interest.

Work like this doesn’t happen overnight.


, I can help you move in this direction.

A direction where you’re making choices based on what your goals and personal preferences are and doing that by being present, mindful, and intuitive.

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