The Hangover Cure You’ve Never Heard Of

How to avoid a hangover and the negative side effects of alcohol intake...

I’d like to tell you about a hangover cure that you likely have not heard of before.

That’s because it was never designed as a hangover cure, nor is it touted as one. Its function as a hangover cure is a spillover benefit from this product’s core function of improving performance.

Before I tell you what this product is, I’m going to stress that it’s still important and supportive in avoiding a hangover to always and preferably consume as much water as you can before, during and after drinking alcohol too.

But here’s what else you need if you want to avoid the negative effects of alcohol....

Why do you get a hangover in the first place?

  • To keep it as simple as possible it’s because of the acetaldehyde that is made when the liver breaks down alcohol in your body.

  • Acetaldehyde is a highly toxic compound that builds up within your body when you consume alcohol.

  • Acetaldehyde is alcohol’s primary and most toxic metabolite. Which is what leaves us with a hangover and feeling like crap.

Enter BCAAs and amino acids.

  • Amino acids are commonly referred to as the building blocks of proteins.

  • They are compounds that play many critical roles in your body including vital processes like the building of proteins for muscle, synthesis of hormones and neurotransmitters, and providing a fuel source when the body doesn’t have food to utilize. When foods containing proteins are broken down within the body they become amino acids.

  • Now, in the training realm, BCAAs and amino acids are taken to boost muscle growth, support lean muscle mass, and aid exercise performance, but their use expands beyond these fitness and physique benefits.

  • Amino acids, specifically alanine and glutamine, are glucogenic amino acids that make glucose in the body to provide energy.

How Amino acids help with the hangover resulting from excessive alcohol

  • The amino acids glutamine and alanine activate the generation of glucose, thus expediting the metabolism of alcohol and acetaldehyde. This enables your body to break down alcohol faster and more efficiently in the liver yielding a faster recovery.

  • BCAAs (valine, leucine, isoleucine), arginine, and glutamine boost the liver function, thus promoting alcohol metabolism.

  • Amino acids help to both ease liver dysfunction and promote liver regeneration.

Preventing the effects of alcohol from even happening in the first place.

  • If you know beforehand that you will be consuming an excessive amount of alcohol, a BBAA drink will work wonders – not only to cure a hangover – but to actually stop you getting one in the first place.

The bonus of BCAA beverages:

  • You are probably aware that the main cause of a hangover besides the over drinking itself is dehydration. Alcohol is a powerful diuretic, causing you to get much more dried out than you may realize.

  • BCAA powders are consumed by mixing into water to drink.

  • The majority of BCAA mixes you’ll find contain electrolytes as well, adding to the support by helping you maintain hydration.

Nowhere here am I suggesting that alcohol should be a significant regular part of your diet as it is after all still a toxin and when consumed may have other negative side effects to our body and mind. But, if and when you do decide to have some it can’t hurt to take these necessary precautions and utilize BCAAs and glutamine you’re your benefit.


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