The Pull of Food

I used to fear keeping peanut butter or any nuts and nut butters in the house. I was afraid that if I did and I had a taste it would turn into an entire

That’s because it often did. I’ve overeat jars of nut butter, cereals, cookies, ice cream, or nearly any sweet. The taste of sweet hot my tongue and somehow triggered wanting to eat and eat. I’d have a hard time judging when to stop or how much to have. When that would happen, I’d feel anxious and let myself keep eating until I felt stuffed and guilty. At times when I was stressed, fatigued, or overly hungry because I made unwise food choices or tried resisting too much earlier, I’d reach points where all I wanted to do was eat - and eat everything sweet, fatty, and highly flavorful.

Actually, this is not uncommon. Sugar, salt, fat, and carbs in combination trigger signals to our bodies and brains that lead us to wanting more or igniting our body’s true needs.

Pair that with stress, anxiety, fatigue, or some emotions or feelings and you’ve got comfort food paired with bingeing, cravings, and a yo-yo dieting eating cycle.

Today, a smear of nut butter like this one by Trader Joe’s on a square of dark chocolate hits the spot. I still hit times where I want to eat more, or I may have some extra that I probably don’t ‘need’ but it doesn’t lead me down a slippery slope. I’m conscious, mindful, and take ownership for my choices more promptly.

This entire process takes time and work. Including being intuitive, and developing a renewed relationship with food and eating.

Come along and adopt a new way of thinking and eating with me by your side to guide you!

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