The REAL Issue With The Scale

Ever get hung up by the number on the scale? Yeah me too. That’s why I don’t use it. In fact, up til a month ago, it had been probably at least three plus years since I weighed myself.

Weight fluctuations and obsessions are so common. They get the best of us.

Determining how we feel about ourselves or whether we’re doing everything ‘right’.

Or do they??

In reality, the number on the scale say little to nothing about your body composition, health, fitness, muscle mass, leanness, or how you LOOK or fit into clothes.

A good, actually BETTER, way to measure results than the number on the scale is...

**shape change or body change.**

In general, you want to see a decrease in your midsection (your waist) as well as hips, thighs, and chest. Either way, for women, moving towards that of an hour glass shape, and men towards that of a v-taper. Minimizing the midsection and belly fat.

Here’s the kicker, stress, not enough down time, and poor diet increases belly fat, and hormones like cortisol rise. Did you know that excess cardio is a stress that raises cortisol too?

You know what does NOT raise cortisol, stress hormones and increase belly fat though?

Strength training and weight lifting, sleep, high quality nutrition in a calorie balance, and recovery.

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