The Top Fat Loss Friendly Meals (the secret’s revealed)

When I think of fat loss friendly meals I think of including foods that keep my hunger and cravings at bay, provide me stable energy✨ for hours, and satisfy my appetite 😋 so I’m not reaching for ‘something else’ and I enjoy what I’m eating for longer than only a few days or weeks.

Foods that are rich in protein🍗🥩🥚, fiber 🥦🥬🍓🍏 and water 💦 fill the hunger and craving part as well as energy. These include high quality, lean protein sources, non starchy veggies and leafy greens, and low sweet fruits.

For the satisfaction part, add in JUST ENOUGH personally appealing food.

❇️ A sprinkle or smear of healthy fat (avocado🥑, nuts🥜, grass fed butter or avocado oil, cheese🧀), or a few bites worth of starchy carbs (wet ones like oats, potatoes🍠, beans, rice🍚, quinoa) are top choices.

❇️ Flavor boosters including spices, herbs, condiments, citrus juice or vinegar are another example.

❇️ Buffer foods, or a food that may or may not be labeled ‘healthy’ but having a taste or two of it will satisfy you and support you in making wise decisions later on and going forward.

Limit foods with sugars, carbs, salt, and fat, especially in combination; and artificial, processed, or packaged foods as these highly palatable foods typically do not serve to tame hunger and cravings, create highs and lows in energy, and can easily become trigger foods - a food you tend to overeat, or that throws you off track and leads you to less optimal or poor eating decisions later on. (**Exception is if one of these is a buffer food for the individual.)

Fat loss friendly meals are quick 💨 and simple to prepare, and easy to conceptualize 💡. My favorite way to summarize them is ‘5S1P’....


🔹Salads 🥗

🔹Soups 🥣

🔹Stir fries 🍲


🔹Plate 🍽

Think of the above meals (or the plate) having 3 parts vegetables 🥦🥬, 2 parts protein🥩🍗, and 1 part a healthy fat 🥑or starch 🥔

I can easily create a fat loss friendly meal using the framework here 👆🏼!!

☑️I can have a protein shake made with a high protein protein powder, unsweetened non dairy milk, ice, and a handful of leafy greens or some fiber rich chia seeds or psyllium husk.

☑️I can toss together a salad mixed with leafy spring mix, arugula, cucumbers, tomatoes, onion, grilled salmon, and tasty ginger dressing with a sprinkle of sliced toasted almonds.

☑️I can scramble a few eggs and egg whites with sautéed peppers, onions, and spinach and add a slice or two of avocado on top with a handful of fresh strawberries.

☑️I can stir fry chicken cut into strips with a frozen stir fry veggie mix and finish off with a splash of coconut aminos and a drizzle of Asian sauce for flavor. Then serving it atop cauliflower rice or white rice (if it works for me personally), topped with sliced scallions and sesame seeds.

☑️I can grill up some steak, alongside roasted broccoli, a side salad, and served with a spoonful or two of homemade Chimichurri.

Notice these is TONS of flexibility worked into this structure. The choices are YOURS, making it empowering for the individual’s preferences and goals, and adaptable no matter where they are at or what is available at the moment. Fat Loss Happens ANYWHERE.

How can you create a fat loss friendly meal?

Share one to two examples of your own!

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