Things I Swear By

Everyone has their favorite products. Those they swear by, love and feel work and do their job oh so well. Here’s my list. Of these items, some are found off the shelf, ordered straight from the company, or online via a third party. Some of these items I do get at a discount and I can get you it too. So, if there’s something you’re really interested in please ask. Not everything here I use daily. Some products are seasonal or on occasion only when I feel necessary.

Onnit’s New Mood for both better sleep, relaxation, and a fresh new mood and focus the next day.

Life Digestive Enzymes by Tranont. Take with or in between your meals. Enzymes help you breakdown, digest, use, and then remove what’s unnecessary of your food. Some people lack certain enzymes, and as we age our body’s lose the ability to produce enzymes which is why we may develop food and digestive issues and experience bloating or less positive impact from the food we do eat even if it’s full of nutrients.

Life, Vibe, and Balance

GTs kombucha for probiotics, a fizzy drink, or mixer without all the added sugars.

Life Greens by Lifetime when I wake up. Mixed with Blue Diamond Almond-Cashew Milk, unsweetened vanilla milk is just like a chocolate milk.

Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar for acid reflux and digestion. A tablespoon added to alkaline water, add fresh lemon juice too! Drink first thing in the morning, and even before each meal.

Balance Multivitamin by Tranont has enzymes in it to aid in the breakdown and use of vitamins and nutrients.

Vibe by Tranont for a balanced energy and clarity. I only take one or two here and there, and these also have enzymes added to support breakdown and digestion.

Power Greens by Purium for a nutrient, fiber and flavor boost in shakes. You only need about a tablespoon or two added to your protein shake along with protein powder, chia seeds, frozen cauliflower, ice, and diary free milk. No other sweeteners are necessary!

Ginger, Turmeric, Garlic, and fresh herbs add power packed nutrition, immunity boosting support, loads of flavor, and anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits. Add fresh or freshly frozen to shakes, smoothies, green drinks, or cooking.

For a caffeine free pre-workout try High Volume by PEScience. It’ll give you a workout pump from nitric oxide function without the caffeine jitters and sleep impacts some who are sensitive get. Beets also have a similar NO effect which allows you to pump more to your muscles and do more/push harder during your workout.

Trutein protein is a blend of diary (whey and casein) and egg by Body Nutrition. Loads of flavors and lots you can do besides just shakes! They also have a dairy free vegan variety of different flavors.

Collagen protein by Vital Proteins or Ancient Nutrition.

For mood, focus, brain health try Onnit’s products. Alpha Brain for memory and focus, or Shroom Tech for Energy and Endurance. They act via nootropics, adaptogens, vitamins and minerals.

BCAAs with EAAs by Body Nutrition or PEScience. BCAAs are the building blocks of your muscle. They help support and rebuild muscle and are great between meals, when fasting, post/during/pre workout.

Ambre Blends are amazing fragrances made with essential oils versus toxic chemicals. They also have body cream, deodorants, a men’s line and more.

Kopari has a good for you natural deodorant made with coconut, charcoal and other natural ingredients. It smells great too!

Best secret ingredient in protein shakes and smoothies is frozen riced or chunks of cauliflower.

Immunity boosting during the school year I start my day with Amazing Grass effervescent greens in lemon lime paired with good ol’ Emergen-C Immune+ in orange or lemon lime.

Start your immune prevention early this year with Elderberry extract. Take by the teaspoon or add to seltzer water.

Anything else I may be forgetting? How about you? Is there something you absolutely LOVE?


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