This is more important than just getting through tough times

I hopped on a money and business course back at the beginning of April on getting through tough times - pandemic, recession, etc.

One of the standout points expressed was that it’s NOT the DURING that we have to be careful about, it’s the AFTER and recovering phases that may make or break an individual, business or company.

Though you may be happy we’re getting THROUGH this pandemic, there’s still a whole lot of other potential challenging circumstances to navigate that if we aren’t mindful, pivoting, or seeking solutions to may leave us in worse shape in the months and years to come.

For example, though you maybe were able to cut back or postpone expenses during, you may have to play ‘catch up’ after.

Or even though you’re returning to work business may NOT be as busy even though all those operating costs are still accruing and owed.

So what DO you do?

You pivot. Offering alternative options, or additional ones.

You think of possible circumstances and solutions you can take for each (and keep doing that, defining and refining them as new ones arise).

You adjust your expenses, reprioritize for the present given circumstances.

You listen to your ideal customer and help them with your unique tools and expertise.

You adjust your living and spending.

You continue to prioritize your physical and mental wellbeing because it’s THIS that will ultimately allow you to be resilient and capable of thinking and acting productively, effectively and successfully. Yep, that means getting into new routines and habits, committing, being consistent, and showing up.

I’m here for you along the way! Reach out and let me know your thoughts, challenges, how you’re managing, or check my profile for other ways I may work with you.

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