Tuning In: The Case for Mindfulness In a World of Mindless Eating

Constant distractions from TV, work, computer, endless to do lists and obligations, and others needs is not uncommon, and with this we find ourselves eating quickly and ignoring our food and our bodies. By the time you realize you’re full, you’ve eaten everything that you dished out. Sometimes you finish eating the whole thing but don’t really remember how it tasted or how much you really ate.

What diets and meal plans teach us to pay attention to external cues about what and how much to eat. They enforce portion control, meal timing, and labeling and categorizing of foods as ‘good’, ‘bad’, ‘healthy’, or ‘unhealthy’. This adds to the disconnect between what we eat and our bodies feedback signals.

These are classic examples of mindless eating. When we eat mindlessly we are setting ourselves up for failure because we’re not listening to OUR Bodies, and our bodies are sending us important signs and signals all the time via biofeedback.

If you are used to eating when you’re not truly hungry, or you wait until your ravenous, how will you know when to stop eating? The answer becomes complicated.

However, reconnecting with our body’s internal cues, signs and signals by bringing mindfulness and intuition to our eating, we can become aware and conscious, and in turn able to listen and then act in a conductive way for our goals and personal needs.

Mindless eating has become common and routine nowadays. It’s going to take time and small steps to begin practicing mindfulness, awareness, and get in tune with your body’s biofeedback. Then, patience and work to listen and honor those signs and signals.

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