We are taught how to follow instructions, but not how to listen to the messages within

Is a keto diet right for me?

The long and short answer is...it could be.

I know, you wanted so simple answer that you wouldn’t have to put any more consideration into, but then I give you this 🙄🤯 (you’re probably thinking). Let me explain, so then you won’t feel stuck and confused.

A new client comes to me wanting to work on their eating and make a change. My job as their coach is NOT to tell them what to do. My job is to guide them to finding what works for them. If they say, hey I heard or have tried this ____ diet, what do you think, you won’t get a direct answer from me.

What you WILL hear me say is,

- do you like how it sounds?

- is it something you think you can do and enjoy?

- (and if they’ve done before) is it something that’s worked for you?

If they answer yes to these questions, I may indeed go ahead and tell them to go for it. Here’s the thing...we all need somewhere to start.

What keeps us from starting is inertia. So many options, so much confusion. The need to be perfect, have it all figured out, and know exactly how it will play out.

But just as in real life, your diet and eating, and the results that come are not set in stone. There’s uncertainty - we don’t know if, how, how soon, and to what degree a given plan will have an impact on us. And That is JUST FINE!

The first step is to BEGIN, to Take Action.

In doing so, you’re going to start practicing and paying attention. That’s how you’ll know whether something is going to work or not. Choose a plan, commit to implementing it, take action, see where it takes you, assess adapt and adjust.

Step two, molding that initial plan to YOU.

I know, I know, we want to have one quick and set answer, yet realistically this just doesn’t happen! In life and in your body and body change.

THIS is exactly why diets do NOT work. It’s why we fall off the wagon - when it gets tough, when we hit a plateau, when we get bored, when life happens and we can’t do it exactly as planned or written.

We teach ourselves how to follow instructions written for us, but not to listen to the instructions and messages WITHIN us.

That’s where I come in to coach you on part two. Becoming a detective in your own life, your eating, and navigating the way. That diet you started with? It’s going to be shifting to fit your needs. Since you are not completely the same as the next person who does it nor the person who created the diet and first got results, it’s no wonder you cannot follow it to a tee successfully!

But, in time, you will cultivate and fine tune it to you! Through checking in with yourself, becoming aware and observing, then making little changes along the way. You’re not throwing in the towel, you’re not going to extremes, you’re building REAL sustainable results with step by step work.

Pairing together science, what we know and what’s available available to us; with our own personal experience, responses, needs and preferences we win in building a way that works for us long term.

This picture here is a Keto Pot Roast Pot Pie I picked out locally from a place called Avocado Bleu. It’s labeled Keto, but that’s not necessarily why I chose it. I also chose it because it looked and sounded delicious and appetizing, I’m aware of how protein and lower carbs keep me satisfied and satiated, and I put into perspective what I ate already that day and what I intended and may have later on.

This whole journey has taken time, work, patience, and commitment, amongst other things. It’s still a work in progress as well. JUST AS IS LIFE!

What do you think? How have you approached your diet and eating, and your life up to now?

Is there something you’d like or somewhere you’d like to get but haven’t yet? Could you use some guidance and support?

Let me know your thoughts!

If you’d like to work on finding YOUR WAY, and navigating your journey, reach out. I’ll be here to help you! 😊

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