What doesn’t Have or Burn Calories, Still Affects Calories

Sleep 💤 and Stress 🤯🤬 sure don’t ‘have’ calories or ‘burn’ calories, but the DO AFFECT calories.


Through the signals and feedback 🔮🏺 the body sends.

And these influence hormones, metabolism, willpower, energy, mindset, actions and behavior we take, and our choices.

I nearly guarantee that if most of us prioritized optimizing our sleep and rest, our stress and downtime, our movement, and our lifestyles and mindsets, a LOT of our pursuits in health, fat loss, body change, and wellness would start to take off and care of themselves.

Some Indirect Impacts -

The biofeedback are the signs the body sends telling it it’s safe and things are normal, or that something is off and it has to protect itself (that’s why we experience compensating, down regulating functions, expressing symptoms,..).

The metabolism and hormones adjust to make due with this new ‘normal’ state to allow the body to function and though it’s really suboptimal the body adapts to it being it’s new optimal.

Some more Direct -

Wheb you sleep enough and are rested, and not overwhelmed with stressors it’s easier to ‘want’ to and follow through with eating well and exercising.

You tend to push yourself in the gym, you feel more able. You make wise eating choices and are mindful and intuitive.

This is why we get stuck in plateaus. Why we feel like we’re spinning our wheels working hard but not going far. It’s why we once saw results, but now are struggling to continue to see them. It’s why we may see ‘reverse results’ or our hard work reverting back and gaining weight or going back to our old habits, patterns, and appearances.

THIS is why diets - you know, eating less than we need and exercising more (or as much as we can) - is backfiring 🔫.

This is why when we REMOVE ourselves from our typical lives - i.e. we go out of town on vacation or have time off work and obligations, and we can relax and recover - we start to see RESULTS.

Maybe we end up losing some weight, or seemingly unconsciously making decent food choices, or moving a little more, or ::gasp:: DESIRING to exercise, or we notice our clothes actually feeling LOOSER or catching a glimpse in the mirror and noticing looking leaner, tighter, or even just a bit ‘brighter .. healthier .. happier’ 🙌🏼🥰

Don’t underestimate the power of sleep 😴 , stress management 🤯➡️💆🏼‍♀️, personal time 🙋🏼‍♀️ and personal pursuits, movement 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♂️, downtime 🧘🏼‍♀️📚 , relaxing 🏖 , and enjoyment 😎 and satisfaction in your activities ⚽️🛹🏄‍♀️🎸🎯, routine, choices, and lifestyle.

Ask yourself these questions today:

✅ Do I wake up feeling rested?

✅ Do I wake up looking forward to my day - what i have on my agenda?

✅ Do I incorporate daily, weekly, and monthly things that I genuinely enjoy and feel good for me?

✅ Do I have a positive outlook and mindset overall?

✅ Do I enjoy my life - Lifestyle, people, job, choices (eating, exercise, activities, etc) majority of the time?

I hope you can answer a great big ✨YES✨ to these questions for the most part.

If you are struggling to do so, don’t sweat it!

You CAN ALWAYS do SOMETHING, beginning right NOW, about it.

Take a moment TODAY and choose ONE thing you can do for YOURSELF.

👉🏼 start with one☝️ of these questions above 👆🏼 and identify what you will do differently going forward.

🔑 = Work on THAT!

Share with me what you do!

Is this helpful? Let’s hear your feedback.


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