What’s REALLY Going On? (do care to know?)

Look, you can’t just tell someone to ‘get over it’ or ‘stop worrying’ or ‘it’ll be ok’ and expect them to just forget everything that’s been on their mind.

See anxiety, depression, rumination, chronic stress, trauma, .... these don’t just go away because someone tells you something which makes it all ok.

If you’ve never experienced these it’s hard to relate, it’s hard to understand.

When someone says they feel like their world is falling in on them, when they say they’re struggling, when they say they are having trouble keeping themself together or staying composed or handling their emotions or picking themselves up or completing their to do list.

Or when they say they don’t feel right or feel lost or have forgotten who they are or say they don’t remember what it feels like to be happy.

These are not easy, communicatable, understandable things for others nor are they for the person experiencing them.

They also don’t get solved in an instant with a snap of a finger.

They most definitely don’t get solved by being handed a prescription medication. Why? Because medication doesn’t get to the ROOT of the matter. Meds only serve to balance those hormones that may be off or impacting mood, but they don’t always work and they don’t address how and why someone got to the point they are at in the first place.

It’s like a diet, you don’t just give someone a meal plan and send them on their way. It’s their behaviors and mindset that got them where they are. And it’s these that need work and practice to get them to a better, healthier place so they can reach their goals such as weight loss.

Well mental health is the same. Anxiety, depression, trauma, rumination, chronic stress and worry, etc necessitates a well rounded approach.

One that gets to the bottom of why and how and helps you overcome and work through those reasons so you can fully recover, grow, learn, understand, be empowered, take ownership, and avoid relapse and failure.

What are some potential root causes? They can vary wide and far...from gut health, poor diet, food sensitivities and intolerances, past traumatic events and PTSD from a specific situation or period of time in ones past, how we were brought up and raised (our family upbringing), nutrient imbalance or deficiency, genetic and/or autoimmune disorders, female hormone imbalance such as estrogen dominance that can become an issue at different phases of our lives such as perimenopause or something else, adrenal dysfunction possibly from overtraining or poor lifestyle, acute stress that becomes chronic stress, worry or rumination due to lack of proper coping techniques, financial instability, physical or mental/emotional abuse, self beliefs and self worth including trust and confidence, learning styles and personality types, illness, toxins, environment, exposure to the wrong people, inauthenticity, fears, and more...

We cannot keep just looking at what’s superficial and use that to treat and help each other. We have to explore what’s deeper. It’s there that growth and healing come about. Those ‘aha’ moments. The enlightening realizations. The awareness and mindfulness of bringing the subconscious to the conscious mind and present moment. The thought stopping and cognitive restructuring and shifting of our mindset, which will all take work, patience, persistence. Also plenty of discomfort, struggle, pain and emotion. Along with ups and downs, phases where it appears nothing is improving or looking on the up.

Wellness is multi-dimensional, multi-faceted - approaching the whole life or lifestyle. It shouldn’t be ironic then that nutrition and diet, exercise, weight loss and transformation also require a wellness, life(style) approach too.

And they we must take this same whole ‘multi’ approach with mental health as well.

If you’ve never had to deal firsthand with mental health (anxiety, depression, trauma. Or if you have but you got through it without struggle.

Or if you know someone - a loved one, relative, friend, aquaintance.. - please be patient with them, please be kind with them, please continue to seek to understand them. Instead of pushing them to get over it, pushing them away, ignoring them, or treating them like what they’re experiencing it’s real, isn’t rational, or it’s not worthwhile.

FYI maybe that person who’s experiencing what they are, knows it’s irrational and most likely they don’t ‘want’ to feel how they feel, but they haven’t yet been able to get past their struggle.

You Never know what someone else is going through, thinking, feeling, experiencing within. Have compassion, kindness, respect, empathy, and consideration of this.

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