You Need To Get Away as much as you ‘don’t have time to’ or ‘don’t think you need it'. Here's why...

Routine is wonderful, it keeps us on top of things like your goals and work, promotes habit, and allows automation without having to overthink.

Until you reach the point where you don’t think twice. You’re so used to doing what you’re doing, you just go along with it. Day in day out.

Something missing. You can’t put your finger on it. Just...something.

The feelings of tension, stress,’ve gone beyond the initial stages. You’re in a rut.

Maybe you’re not yet, but if you don’t do something soon you could be headed down that road.

What can you do?

Step away.


Get away.

Take a break...a time out.

From life, routines, technology, stress, work, obligations.

Here’s the thing...


Your mind, body and life depends on it.

Most of our ailments and arising health issues come about from overworking, stress, and doing too much. In turn we’re mindless, unconscious, and making any decision that is in front of us without pausing or thinking rationally. Without thinking and acting on our own personal intentions and real goals and visions.

It’s time to clear the clutter, all that chatter.

Obligations everywhere. Constant requests from others. Hanging onto material objects that are not piling up. Clutter is overwhelming. Period. Thinking about it and looking at it sitting around is not serving you. To get a grasp on what you can part with, it’s time to get in touch with yourself, AWAY from all this ‘stuff’ surrounding you.

It’s not gonna happen by staying home.

As much as you may think that a day off can solve the issues, the truth is it’s only going to scratch the surface. You’ll still be hit with distractions (family, potential from work calls), while why you need is distance, peace and personal time to be empowered, renewed, and excited.

New Years is commonly the time of year to start fresh, set intentions and goals. So I have one for you. How about you commit to getting away in 2020? Don’t feel pressured to go gung-ho on your pursuits in January. Start slow and steady. Start the year out practicing mindfulness and personal time. Then set your spring into full gear and join us in February for the Fusion Retreat.

Get away to Costa Rica for 7 days to recharge and empower, experience and reset. This is the ideal time and place to take a break from your life and get in tune with yourself, so you can return ready to pursue and act on what’s important to you.

You owe it to yourself.

What do you say?


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