"Initially i wanted to lose weight and challenge myself to exercise.but through the coaching process it became more about matching my food habits with my physical needs.  I've changed my eating habits and notice a difference in my sleep and general well being."

"my body has changed.  I have arm muscles and definition.  My legs have a better shape.  My shoulders look great!

Although I haven't reached my goal weight yet, I have gone down a clothing size.  I look forward to working out and increased challenges."

"I love working out with Rachel.  She changes her exercise routines to keep things fresh and challenging.  She pays attention to the needs of each individual and gives personal advice accordingly.  My (resting) heart rate is down and my endurance has improved dramatically!"

"Can't recommend Rachel highly enough. She's great!"

“Classmates push you to keep up.  I also like the variety of new exercises being introduced and nutrition tips.”

“The classes keep me consistent.  I am also learning new strategies to help reach my goals”

“I love the individual attention possible in the smaller group classes.  Rachel always gives positive feedback and encouragement.”  - Carolyn

“I honestly like it all.  This is perfect for my personal situation.”

“The willingness to give tips specific to each client is priceless!” - Carolyn

“My body has responded to all the exercise given to me by Rachel.  I am striking the tennis ball better.  I am able to see improvement in my tennis form because I am stronger.  My arms are shaping up nicely.”  - Karenanne

“I surprise myself each day as I am able to be more active!”

“Rachel is highly skilled at adapting my exercise.  She is very conscious of my form so I do not injure myself.  Rachel continues to challenge me with a variety of activities.  I could never reach the current strength levels without Rachel’s expertise.”  

“I leave class energized!” - Suzanne

“Rachel is a patient and knowledgeable trainer that listens to me and makes adjustments based on my needs.  She is always willing to go the extra mile to help me obtain and maintain a more healthy lifestyle.”

“(I like) the variety of exercises.  Time passes quickly and the variety helps.”

“Very happy with the program.  Hard workout but Rachel is encouraging.  I feel comfortable here.” - Gay